Saturday, September 3, 2011

Every animal has a clock

for Curtis and Maggie

Every animal has a clock

At 7:00 this morning I spied a skunk
Then I spied another
I smelled a third

The first was rabbit-sized
The second too

The self-confident fellows
Suited black and white
Snuffled along in hunt for grubs and bugs

Late summer, early fall is morning skunk time
That's when the fearless creatures come round
They're fearless 'cause what's to their rear
Their spray can last for days

Every animal has a clock
Small birds sing mornings
Cicadas trill afternoons
Crickets chirp at dusk
Katydids saw the night away

Nature's clocks are orderly
Listen for the dove
The loon's cry
Watch for the firefly's dot/dash
The wooly catapillar's guest appearance
Every hour retires some to bring forth more

How many creatures can you find? And when?

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